We are a family business that provides trees and hedging from our nursery near Preston, Lancashire. With over twenty years experience in horticulture we are confident that we can supply your needs for both plants and services. We provide a planting service to our customers to save you time and effort , as well as landscape sub-contracting to commercial clients. Let us help you with our design and consultancy service to select the right plants for your garden or project. You can contact us via our contact page, https://www.dannybutler.co.uk/contact/

We have a wide range of plants available including evergreen hedging and bamboos. http://www.bamboonursery.co.uk

Our business also grows foliage for florists . Our foliage material is produced locally in Lancashire. We are members of the ‘ Flowers from the farm’ group which promotes locally grown floral produce from the UK. Check out the group on  https://www.flowersfromthefarm.co.uk .